Born in Salento, in Puglia, Agathos has chose Tuscany as his home. He has long been one of the most audacious personalities on the contemporary artistic- mathematical scene, to the point that some critics describe him as the head of the “New Mathematical Art” movement. Few shows at national level (such as at the Municipal hall ‘Italo Calvino’ in Sanremo; the Biennale Internazionale and Galleria ‘Domus Turca’ in Ferrara) opened the doors to a real perspective of an international audience. These were quickly followed by the Louvre
in Paris (with the first series of works inspired to the Mathematical Art); the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan (with the première of the collection “Universo Adimensionale”, intended to become a constant cycle); the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague (for the official appointment of the new Italian Ambassador to the Czech Republic); the Salon du monde de la culture et des arts in Cannes (with the prestigious world art award 2012, third place and absolute first in painting); the gallery La Falegnameria-Contenitore creativo in Montepulciano (introduced by Gian Ruggero Manzoni); the International Festival of Contemporary Art 2012 at the Palazzo Maffei Marescotti in Rome, when he received the first prize.
Then followed the Crisolart Gallery of New York (with immediate praise from American critics and public); the exhibition halls of the Euro Hotel in Pisa, where were celebrated the successful union between the anthropological-type narrative of Fiorenza Mannucci and the geometric Abstractionism of Agathos; the gallery Domus in Florence (when he received a Career Achievement Award); the Biennale di Palermo (introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi); the Mecenate gallery in Milan; the Palazzo della Provincia in Bari (when he received the Sguardi d’Autore award); the Galà de l’Art of Monte Carlo (with the Excellence of Italian Art in the World award under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in the Principality of Monaco); the Castello Imperiali of Francavilla Fontana (with a solo show presented by Daniele Radini Tedeschi and Vincenzo Sardiello); the Municipal library in Andria (with a singular survey exhibition introduced by Gian Ruggero Manzoni as part of the international festival Castel dei Mondi). In February 2014, he started the collaboration with the Collezione Orler in Marcon (Venice), and subsequently with the Artifact Gallery in New York, which curated Agathos’s participation in Spectrum Miami Art Show in Miami, in the Architectural Digest, Home Design Show in New York, in Expo New York also in New York. He has recently held successful solo shows at the Museo della Terracotta in Petroio (Siena) and at the Palazzo del Bargello in Gubbio. The ‘Centro Studi Agathos’, directed by Vincenzo Sardiello, became part of the Fondazione ‘Mazzatinti’ (accr. MIUR) with the goal of develope the research and divulgation of Agathos’s artistic and scientific oeuvre.

The interest in the universal importance of Agathos’s art has crossed national borders, with actual work programmes promoted by public institutions like the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya of Barcelona and the Ministries of Culture and Health in Spain and Ecuador, focusing on the “therapeutic” confrontation between two different experiences and artistic sensibilities: the canvases of Agathos and the mosaics of Antoni Gaudí.

Works by Agathos are on permanent display in the Museo del Calcolo “Mateureka” in Pennabilli; in the Museum of the Contrada del “Poggiolo” of Montepulciano; in the Sala della Musica del Castello Imperiali in Francavilla Fontana; and in Il Giardino di Archimede-A Museum for the Mathematics’ in Florence.